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Universal File Support.
We support all standard formats: CBR, CBZ, 7z, PDF, and comic EPUB.
Text and Character Highlighting
Select any text on pages to copy or translate with ease. Create stickers from your favorite characters!
Seamless Sync.
Sync progress of all your reading sessions across your devices.
Multiple reading modes.
Personalize your reading experience with configurable options like scroll direction, page animations, and more.
One-finger zoom.
Use one finger to easily navigate through the page, perfect for reading on the phone.
Panel by panel navigation.
Our Panels View focuses on one panel at a time, making your comic reading more immersive and enjoyable.

Choose your preset

Your comics. Your way.

Panels offers multiple reading options, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences. Whether you’re reading manhwa, infinite comics, manga, or regular comics, you can enjoy your content just the way you like it.

Vertical scroll
For manwha lovers, Panels offers a vertical mode that seamlessly adapts to the screen.
Single or Double page
Rotate to landscape for 2page view, perfect for iPad screens.
Page curl animations
Missing the feel of a physical comic? Turn on page curl for smooth page transition animations.
Image filters
Enhance your reading experience with filters to sharpen images or remove borders.

Your library, your way.

A better library experience

We understand the importance of covers. Panels features a sleek, elegant design with powerful tools to organize your comics effortlessly.

Import your content from anywhere
Panels offers multiple importing options, including Dropbox and OneDrive.
OPDS compatibility
Stream comics stored on your server and navigate them like a regular library with OPDS support.
iCloud Drive Sync
Store your content in iCloud Drive to sync seamlessly across all your devices.
Enhanced Privacy
Lock any comic or folder with a password for added privacy.
Customization options
Choose from multiple themes and different views to personalize your library.
Handle Large Libraries
Panels performs efficiently even with thousands of comics, making it perfect for extensive collections.
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Keep your library in sync

Don't worry about storage

Avoid storage limitations by keeping your comics in the cloud (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or on an external drive. Download or copy files as needed while browsing your entire library.

Keep your comics in the cloud.
Browse your cloud library effortlessly and download only the comics you want to read.
Content synchronized across devices
If you use Panels in multiple devices, this is the perfect feature to keep your library in sync.
Ultimate OPDS companion
Panels supports all OPDS 1.2 features and soon OPDS 2.0
Stream Comics with OPDS
If you use Komga or Kavita, you can read comics without downloading the full file.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We want to help. Contact us via email or join our discord .

If you are looking for help using the app, read our guides .

Is Panels a free app?
Yes! Panels is a free app. You can download it for free and use many of its features: import comics, organize your library, read and track progress and many more. If you need more advanced features like page filters, cloud libraries, etc. you have the option to become Premium.
How do you become Premium?
We offer 3 plans. Annual and monthly plans are subscription plans, they unlock all features as long as the subscription is active. In addition we offer an in-app purchase to buy all current features. You will keep those features forever, but when Panels releases a new major version, you will need a new purchase if you want to access them.
How many libraries can I have?
You can have as many as you need. You can add local libraries or cloud libraries (stored in iCloud Drive, Dropbox or your own OPDS server).
Can I share my library?
Yes, as long as it is not a local library. For example, if your library is located in iCloud Drive, you can just share that folder with any person using iCloud.